Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Emotional Strength?

Transforming Womanhood & Motherhood: From Frantic to Fun

Hello, I'm Jody.

I’m a wife, mother of 3, certified Results Coach and Senior Teacher with 15+ years in education.

My own experiences as a mother, conversations with mum friends and observations have led me here to connect with you.

When I became a mum for the second time, I became bitchy, withdrawn, sad and irritable. 

Basically, a hot mess on the kitchen floor, literally and metaphorically.

I struggled. I did not feel in control. I felt useless and like I was failing at what I wanted most.

I was lost.

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Then one day something happened. My bestie told me to ‘stop complaining and do something about it.’ 

And so my journey began. 

Today I have the privilege of helping mothers reclaim their emotional strength and confidence so that they can face the ups and downs of motherhood and womanhood.

I am thrilled to work with women as I witness their transformations, the positive change created in their lives, and their children.

I believe that when you reclaim who you are, fortify your confidence and emotional strength, you will have a life with more joy.

I know because I have done it and …. you can too!


When it comes to being a mother and a woman…
You struggle with:

Making time out for you and your mental wellbeing.
Negative self-talk and thoughts flood your mind.
Becoming, stressed & anxious and feeling like a failure.
Have no idea who you are.
Being constantly irritable & sad.
Completely losing your shit at the drop of a hat.

How I Can Help

Online Support Programs

Self paced online learning that helps you become the woman you are wanting to be for you and your family.

One On One Programs

Reclaim your emotional strength and confidence by working one on one through my signature core program.

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A community of Mums learning emotional strength a& confidence to handle the ups and downs of motherhood.

Free Connection Call

Not sure where to start? Up for a chat? Book a obligation free call with me to see how I can help you.

You want to something to change because you’re wanting…

A more optimistic outlook

Balanced emotions – happy & more joyful

To be your own cheerleader with positive thoughts

Calmer parenting

Connection with your children &/or partner

Are you ready to?

Reclaim your joy

Thrive through motherhood

Build resilience

Create a consist self care routine

Remember who you are

Change your self talk patterns

Balance your emotions

Feel empowered, worthy and enough

Be less frantic and more fun

Why Jody?

Because she has had her own journey..

12 years ago, when she became a mum for the second time,  she  wasn’t happy, she cried, she was bitchy, overwhelmed and quite frankly over it. 

No matter how hard she tried to get out of the rut she was in, nothing seemed to shine the light.

Often classing herself as an energy vampire, Jody drove people away. Isolation, negative self-talk all but consumed her. She could suck the happiness out of a brick.

Wasn’t until her girlfriend told her to ‘stop complaining and do something about it,’ that she finally took personal responsibility.

Jody found the blessing of personal development, coaching that completely changed the way she thought and felt about her world. Still to this day the coaching she has experienced continues to  make a difference.

She reclaimed who she was and who she wanted to be for herself, her kids and her husband. It was life-changing for them all.

As a now certified results coach, Jody believes when a Mum, you, feels healthy, valued, and empowered you are a woman who radiates resilience, confidence and love. Once your cup is full…you can serve your family like no other can. 


Mum's Success Stories

Why My 1:1 Coaching Sessions?

With my one-on-one coaching for mothers.

You will feel emotionally stronger:

  •  learn to fit time in for you
  •  begin to control the feelings of overwhelm, stress and irritability before you lose your shit
  • learn a set of practical skills that you can use to empower yourself and thus your family.

This coaching is for you if you are a  mother who is sick a tired of feeling like crap, struggling to hold it together and you know that something has to give. It’s time for a positive change.

Take a breath.

This may have been what you have needed all along.

Why My Style of Coaching?

  • Mutually co-operative relationship
  • Goal and vision orientated
  • Investment is not forever
  • Focuses on perspectives and behaviours in the present and future
  • Action plans with accountability  and motivational support.

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Frequently asked questions

This is for mothers who are sick a tired of feeling like crap, struggling to hold it together, losing their mind most of the time and they ready to put in the work to create positive change for themselves and their family.

Mums who engage with my coaching can expect to find answers, fresh perspectives on personal challenges. Commitment to the process and our coaching agreement will ensure the best results within our time together. Remember you are the centre of this relationship.

The 12 week 1:1 coaching program is $1800 up front, with payment plans available. 

After our connection call, you will receive an email from me with the payment details . Payment needs to be made 24hours before our first session. We will book in your first session on our connection call. 

Via phone or video call

There is a 2 day cooling off period, should you change your mind within that time you will receive a 50% refund. 

 The program is 12 weeks (Minimum) in duration, with 1 session a week. Each session is up to 60 minutes long. There is call and text support within prescribed hours. 

We will communicate through email and phone for text support.

This program is not suitable for people who are not open to positive change. If you have a mental health diagnosis, please seek out your medical health practitioner to ask if the addition of coaching could be considered for the healing approach.

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