Are you ready to reclaim your sanity from frantic to fun?


Can you imagine a time when you had balanced emotions and thoughts?

Mumma does this sound familiar you?


You sit silently on your couch with your head in your hands, frustrated and struggling to remember when you last had any joy or peace in your life. You often look in the mirror and question who is this person staring back at you and then irritably turn to tell your kids off just one more time.

When it comes to being a mother and a woman…

You struggle with:

1. Making time for you

2. Becoming overwhelmed

3. Being constantly irritable 

4. Completely losing your sh*^T at the drop of a hat.

You want to something to change because you’re wanting…

1. Peaceful thoughts

2. Balanced emotions

3. More joyous moments

4. Calmer parenting.  

Why Me?

Because  I have been where you are now.

9 years ago after the birth of my second son, I sat and pondered where I was heading. I wasn’t happy, I cried, I was bitchy, overwhelmed and quite frankly over it.

No matter how hard I tried to get out of the slump I was in, nothing seemed to shine the light.

I was an energy vampire which drove people away. Isolation, negative self-talk all but consumed me.

I was struggling as a mother and a woman.

That is, until I found the blessing of personal development and in particular a program that completely changed the way I think and feels about my world.

I reclaimed who I was and who I wanted to be for myself, my kids and my husband. It was life-changing for me and my family.

I often wonder why it took me so long to invest in coaching, investing in my professional life as a teacher was a regular occurrence and expected. Yet the concept was personal investment was foreign to me…..but so very worth it.

As a certified coach, I believe when a Mum, you, feels healthy, calm, and empowered you are a woman who radiates confidence and love.

I believe the love of self and others underpins the ferocity of motherhood…

Through observation and experience as a teacher, I have witnessed how this ripples through to children, enhancing their lives as only their mothers can.

Why my course?

With my 8 weeks, one-on-one coaching program for mothers.

You will:

  •  learn to fit time in for you
  •  begin to control the feelings of overwhelm and irritability before you lose your S*^T
  • learn a set of practical skills that you can use to empower yourself and your family.

This 8-week program is for you if you are sick a tired of feeling like crap, struggling to hold it together, losing your mind most of the time, irritable, overwhelmed and you know that something has to give.

Take a breath.

This may have been what you have needed all along.

Are you ready to take action?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for mothers who are sick a tired of feeling like crap, struggling to hold it together, losing their mind most of the time, irritable, overwhelmed and they know that something has to give.

Will this help me?

Mums who engage with my coaching can expect to find answers, fresh perspectives on personal challenges. Commitment to the process and our coaching agreement will ensure the best results within our time together. Remember you are the centre of this relationship.

When does the coaching begin?

Once initial payment has been received, you will receive  access to my booking calendar so you can book your first session. First session must be booked in within 4 weeks of payment. 

How it the program delievered?

Via phone or video call

Do you have a refund policy?

There is a 3 day cooling off period, should you change your mind within that time you will receive a 50% refund. Qoin  will be treated like cash.

Can I talk to someone?

You can book a discovery call here.

How long will this take me?

The program is 8 weeks in duration, with 1 session a week. There is call and text support within prescribed hours. The guided workbook will require a 20-30 minute commitment from you to complete after some sessions.

Can we continue after the 8 week program?

Yes, in the event that you are looking for ongoing support in your personal development we can discuss 1-1 coaching.

How will we communicate

We will communicate through email and what’s app for text support.

Who is this not for?

This program is not suitable for people who are not open to change. If you have a mental health diagnosis, please seek out your medical health practitioner to ask if the addition of coaching could be considered for the healing approach.

Success Stories

Highly recommend Jod from Mummachat, she is an inspiration and has truly helped me out in so many ways, from having a chat and a hug and so much more. If you ever feel you need a chat give Jod a message. She is a wonderful knowledgable lady. 

Bec London

I absolutely love Jody’s energy and what she brings to the world of women and motherhood. Her bright outlook and experience make her such an inspiration. Well done love. 

Jamie Mendez

If you are considering having a coach in your life to support and guide you along the way to achieving your goals and dreams…I would dearly love to recommend Jody Danson to be your partner on this journey.
I have received miraculous shifts in my energy, focus and clarity through working with Jody. She is an authentic and caring soul who creates a safe space to allow you to open and release what’s been building up or stuck inside. Even though Jody’s guidance is gentle she assures you have your small action steps in place to help you move forward towards your vision.
Thank you Jody for being an important part in my life’s journey and may your gifts flow into the lives of many others 💗
Kylie Dean

I’ve been reluctant to write to the group page as I feel that I’m not your typical ‘need-to-loose-weight’ person. Not that there is once I suppose. Before SFFR I spent my life using food to punish myself. I would either deny myself or binge eat, depending on how I felt. I never had a problem with weight, being blessed with an awesome metabolism. That is until it packed its bags and vacated the premises at around age 40, not long after having my 7th child. The next ten years were filled with gym sessions, diets, letdowns, give-ups and restarts. Then I just resigned myself to my new size, bought new clothes and lived unhappily in a body I hated. Then along came a bright positive lady called Jody and SFFR. I’d managed to lose 5kgon my own before joining the program but it was only around 100g/week. 500 calories a day wasn’t new to me so my body was used to it and my weight loss was slow and steady 100g/day. My total weight loss by day 30 was 4kgs. My happiest moment was when I wore a skirt for the first time in years and didn’t have to wear bike pants to stop the chafing. I’d reached my goal! My starting weight was 68.7kgs. That may not sound heavy to most people but I was used to being a slight 45kgs. I am now 64.2kg and steady on phase 2, a size 10/12. Life is good.

Karen Gibbs Oliffe

How do I start this recommendation, A few years ago I was introduced to Jody via the net regarding some products to help with my wellbeing, from the moment I actually spoke to Jodie I felt I had known her for years. Being in the weight loss industry myself I thought that in speaking to anyone re weight loss they would wonder why would be wanting to speak to them. Jody is just amazing she listened to my concerns, she introduced the product to me, no hard sell, she answered my questions, she listened to my story, and I felt so relaxed. Having worked as a social worker/psych I was happy to be heard. We had a chance to meet early last year and our meeting was like an old friend, we talked about our families we listened to each other and jody was such a pleasure to have dinner with. The path that jody has taken is ideal for her she has amazing knowledge in her work areas, she takes the time to explore and then report, no questions are dismissed if she doesn’t know she’ll find out and that’s something I like in a person, as I’m very similar, Holding a job down, running a family and also extra businesses,as well as study is no easy job , but Jody seems to take everything one step at a time and in doing so is good at all the above, its a real pleasure to know her, and be able to work with someone I feel so comfortable with. cheers Lesley


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